Full Speaker's Biography

Noah Miller

Co-Founder, Chief Strategist, and Head of ESG Advisory Services
Rho Impact

Noah Miller has over a decade of ESG consulting experience, working with organizations across industries, missions, and geographies.  From global companies like Bloomberg, Hyatt, and Beyond Meat, to tech start-ups like Rho AI and Lob, Noah brings a wealth of experience in ESG strategic planning, implementation, and reporting.

Noah is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategist of Rho Impact, which combines ESG advisory with proprietary software and technology tools to address the key barriers to ESG performance.

Noah is also the Founder and CEO of Calibrate Partners, a global network of boutique ESG consulting firms dedicated to helping organizations around the world adapt and thrive in the new normal of business.

Before launching Rho Impact and Calibrate Partners, Noah held multiple leadership roles in the ESG space – including serving as the Senior Director of Summit Strategy Group’s ESG Consulting Practice and serving as an interim ESG Director for several public and private companies.  Noah has also been influential in ESG capacity-building at the industry level, leading the curriculum development for several industry-specific ESG certification programs, including collaborations with the Corporate Finance Institute, the Green Building Initiative, and Regennabis. Internationally, Noah serves as an advisor and liaison to North America for Net Zero Israel, an initiative launched by the Israeli business community in 2021.

In addition to his experiences as a corporate consultant, Noah is a former social entrepreneur in Israel and a nonprofit advisor. Leading coexistence community development efforts between Israelis and Palestinians, Noah has deep experience in multi-cultural stakeholder engagement, consensus building, and program implementation. 

Beyond his experience in the boardroom, Noah was an Israeli National team lacrosse player and commander in the Israeli army. In honor of Israel’s 66th Independence Day, Noah was recognized as one of “sixty-six heroes of Israel” for his contributions to Israeli society. Noah has been a speaker and project manager for Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, the United Nations, and various international cross-sector initiatives.

Noah’s formal education includes an MBA in Sustainable Innovation and a BA in Community Development & Applied Economics and English from the University of Vermont.  Noah also holds an MS in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies from Champlain College and has received graduate certifications from The Centre for Inclusive Leadership in London and NGO Catalyst in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Read more about Noah’s background here.

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