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Aurélie Baillet Da Eira

Voice and Speech Coach and Women Transformation Practitioner

Alongside a successful international career in marketing and branding in the agrochemical industry, Aurélie started her entrepreneurial journey as a coach and trainer. Driven by the desire to create more impact, she embraced her passion for personal development, and for one of the most powerful tools in communication: our voice.

She is now on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to unlock their authentic voice, speak with impact, and build a vocal brand that reflects their ambitions. As a Creatrix® Transformologist®, she helps women reach their full potential by breaking free from any fears, limiting beliefs and harmful inherited patterns that keep them from creating the career, relationships, and life they want and deserve.

Born and raised in France, Aurélie holds an Engineer’s degree in Agronomy. In her free time, Aurélie is a singer and voice-over artist and leads women-to-women mentoring programs within a global non-profit organization. She finds her energy
and inspiration in music, travels, Reiki, and meditation.

You can connect with Aurélie here:
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/aurélie-baillet-da-eira
Instagram: @aureliebailletdaeira

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