Full Speaker's Biography

Amal Candido

Executive Assistant and Office Manager
Hut 8 Mining Corporation

Amal has an associate degree in travel counseling, is a certified administrative professional in organizational management, human resources management, event management & planning, and is an accredited coach practitioner. She started her career in the travel and hospitality industry in 2000, working in various roles. In 2009, Amal shifted to working in the corporate financial sector, building her experience from the ground up by working as a receptionist/admin assistant in various contract roles.

Since then, she has held an executive assistant role, moving, and serving within different departments in the financial industry until 2018, in addition to her past work portfolio in retail, travel, hospitality, financial, legal, and non-profit sectors. She is currently working in the fintech industry, learning and gaining new insights while building and adding to her diverse work experiences supporting c-suite executives.

Amal is a blogger, a podcaster host of “Distracted by life,” sharing insights, wisdom, and helpful tips from showing up authentically, overcoming setbacks, and learning from failures, Amal is the author of “Authentic Leader” for emerging leaders and people managers and “Executive Assistant Guide to Survival” for administrative professionals.

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